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Alle mennesker er forskellige, og det er smag og behag også. Derfor bør alle selv kunne vælge designet på de ting, de bruger hver eneste dag. Dette er ideen bag DeinDesign™ og drivkraften og motivationen i vores daglige handlinger.

A lot has happened since the idea for the product DesignSkins® towards the end of the year 2005 and the Go-live of the website in November 2006. Apart from developing our own production techniques and the production of specialized matierals, we also put a lot of time, energy and passion into the developement of the software. All so that your creativity can run free and you can design unique products to use every day. That makes us mighty proud!

DeinDesign™/DesignSkins® is the european market leader on the field of personalized design foils, design cases and bags for electronical devices and so we want to say thank you: to our awesome TEAM, to all those people who worked with and supported us during the last years, thank you to our families, our friends, designers, photographers, bands & labels, agencies & clubs, to all our cooperation partners and of course: thank you! Thanks for giving us the motivation to take it one step further every day.

Let's make the magic happen! True love xoxo DeinDesign™/DesignSkins®


DeinDesign wins the "Most innovative Company" Award at the Print and Media Awards 2014!

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